Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Attitude Talk.

Today, in our middle block Tony from Attitude visited our Team. He was very funny and such an amazing
person. We talked about stuff that might sound awkward to others but we had to be mature and we had
to listen and learn about these stuff because it’s also for us.

First, we talked about changes physically. While growing up we change physically and emotionally, how?
Because we are growing up, I mean we can’t stay little forever. So we talked about some parts of our
body that mostly change, like our hair, hand and feet and more. We learned that our hands and feet grow
bigger as we grow up, so when you have those clunsy experience. Maybe your hands or feet are just
growing bigger and that you need to be used to it, don’t worry that’s fine.

Second, we talked about being clean. While growing up we sweat and we interact with some things that
can have bacteria or germs in it, that’s why we need to stay clean all the time. Our Hygiene is very
important to us because it will help ourselves in the future, how? So for example your a grown up man
or woman and your applying for a job, of coures they will look on your personality and of coures on how
you look like. You need to be presentable and also clean when you apply for a job, so that it’s not
embarrassing to them or to yourself.

We also talked about having a plan, especially when you are in the middle part of growing up. You
need to have a plan so that you have like a backup if something happens, you know what I’m talking
about. Plus, you can also talk to your parents or someone you really trust, it is good if that person is
the same gender as you are.

We talked about being healthy, eating healthy food and drinking lots of water. Why? Because the more
you eat healthy food, the more your skin will get healthier.

Additionally, we talked about changes emotionally. Part of growing up is changing, but it’s not only
physically but also emotionally. Your thinking might change like maturity, like for example you might
think that almost everything is ‘embarrassing’. But don’t worry, it’s fine because it’s part of growing up
but don’t take advantage of it.

We also talked about believing in yourself, honestly this is my favorite part because I feel like I kinda
need it. What I like about this part is he demonstrated it to us so that we can understand it more, which
is awesome. He talked about that we are all valueble and just to believe in yourself.

It was so awesome having this talk even though it kinda feels awkward on some parts but luckily
we manage to be mature and listened. There are some more things we talked about that is also
related on changing/ Puberty. Plus, we would like to say thank you to Tony.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Lady Pink.

Today we learned about Lady Pink. Who's Lady Pink? She is a famous Graffiti Artist. In this image your going to see some facts about her and why her artworks are important to the community. You will also see some famous artworks made by her, I picked the "Out of Love was born a Legendary Female". I picked it because I thought it was very cool and the details of it, plus the name is very interesting!

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

24 hour time!

WALT: explain and justify our thinking to everyone in our group.

Task Description: In Maths we are learning to explain and justify our thinking to everyone in our group. In this slide, your going to see some problems related to time. What I learned in this lesson is how to present or explain your work to everyone properly, so that they can understand what your talking about.

Fortnite Banned?

WALT: edit our writing so that it can be easily understood

Task Description: In Literacy, we are learning to edit our writing so that it can be easily understood. In this slide, your going to see if Fortnite should be banned or not? Before we answered this slide, we had a debate if Fortnite should be banned or not. It was a fun debate because we got a chance to show our different sides, plus our explanation. In the last slide, there is an essay saying what Fortnite is doing to other people's lives.

How to look after your body?

Every part of your body has a job in your system, that’s why every part is very important and
needs to be taken care of. Why? Because your body can’t function properly if one part of it is
not good, especially your brain. Your brain tells you what your doing or how it’s done. If you
don’t have a proper meal your brain will not function that well, in this essay your going to see
how to look after your body.
Drink a lot of water. If you have lots of fluid in your body, your body and brain will function
well. How? Water does a lot of things in your body more than you could ever think of, it’s not
only an answer for thirst. Water protects some parts inside your body, like your tissues, spinal
cords and joints. Tissues are a group of cells that work together for a specific function. Spinal
cords, consists of nerves that carries messages between the the brain and your body. Joints, are
a structure that seperates two or more elements of the skeletal system. If you don’t drink enough
water, you are going to feel dehydrated or the feeling of not having enough water, which is not
Eat fruits and vegetables. Having something healthy on the side of your plate is actually
helpful, it’s like having a balanced diet. You don’t need to eat healthy food every single day, you
can eat unhealthy food too but make sure that you eat healthy food more than that. Fruits and
vegetables consist of a lot of vitamins that can help on your body to be fit and healthy, they are
also low in fat, salt and sugar. A good source of dietary fibre, dietary fibre it is something that
cannot be digested by our bodies’ enzymes. It is also a protection from all of the diseases
around us, when you eat a lot of healthy food it really helps you to be healthy.
You need to exercise a lot. An every day run can help you be fit and healthy, how? Our bodies
also needs to move around or run, so that we can avoid Obesity problems. Obesity is related
to having a high risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and more. If you can’t do a run everyday,
you can stretch every morning. If you just stayed at home and did nothing, your body will feel
tired easily.
Stay healthy and fit while your young, so that you won’t regret it when you became an adult.
Doing these stuff can help you to be as healthy as possible.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Do you think 'pests' should be treated with more respect?

 Animals that are called ‘pests’ by predator free groups should be treated with more ‘respect’. I both agree and disagree because both topics has a point.. I disagree because first they kill other animals. Plus, they destroy native wildlife. Second, They are affecting other people’s lives, how? ‘Cats to go” this is a website that wants New Zealanders to own only one cat. How about the ‘Cat lovers’? The ones who really love cats. Third, some of them are the reasons some animals are endangered right now, the reason why some other animals are very likely to be extinct. I agree because if don’t show respect to a type of animal, it’s like not showing respect to all of them. Why? They are all animals, they are all basically the same inside. Second, if you kill one animal, as the time past your going to kill more animals. For example, you kill cats, as the time pasts, your also killing dogs, tigers, etc. It is not good for our environment too, if that happens. Maybe one day, we are the reason of some animals being endangered.

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Our Amazing World

Task Description: In Cybersmart, we need to search some places around the world using Google Earth. Google Earth is really awesome because of it's effects and you can really explore Earth or the whole world! In this slide, your going to see a tower, a water fall and a desert and some information about it. I hope you enjoy!