Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Week 6 2017

Walt: write a recount about a personal experience. 

Have you ever saw a hero? Well...in this writing your gonna read about what crazy things happened in this fantastic week! Like Princess Belle being at beast mode and more!

While we’re on our chromebooks we heard a loud noise near our school that caught all of our attention!. We all go outside and saw Superman and Batman fighting it’s like….Batman Vs. Superman!.Some of us are cheering for Batman and some for some for Superman, but they stop and left like nothing happened. So we go back to class and go on our chromebooks again.

The next thing happened is we go outside because we decided to go for a quick run, then it’s like the ground is moving it’s like...we all run away because Princess Belle is in BEAST mode!.She run after us and tries to chase us well we’re good runners(i mean they’re good runners),then she gets tired and also left. We are all tired of running, while we’re resting under the tree there’s footsteps that we heard then we saw a big GODZILLA trying to destroy our school!But King Kong came and punch him on the face!.They both left and we are all happy cause our school is safe.

We taught all of that crazy things that happened are ended but it’s not! We’re eating our morning tea’s then suddenly we fall asleep when we woke up  we saw Batman, Superman, Princess Belle and Godzilla! We are so frightened they all look very grumpy they’re holding a piece of wood. It’s like they’re gonna hit that piece of to us but no they hug us and say sorry for disturbing our beautiful and happy school. They also promise not to do that again.

I learned that even you have big cRaZy problems it can be solved with the help of your friends, like us in this week we have been on a big big problem because someone is trying to destroy our school! But we have solved it!.

Task Description: So for this task we need to write about what happened in our week while the other year 6's are at camp. Well basically our week is fun and cRaZy. 

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