Monday, 19 February 2018

Explanation Writing

Task Description: Today we did at our Writing is this, it is called Explanation Writing. We wrote about Saving Money. This was a fun lesson because I've learned a lot on saving money.

Why do we need to save money?
We need to save money because we need to prepare for our future. Imagine what will happen at the future right? Many things can happen at the future so that’s why saving money is important. 

This are tips on saving money, just buy the things you need. Example you are at home and you planned to go to the shop remember to list the things you’re just gonna buy before going to the shop. Looking for things you don’t need is just a waste of  time because sometimes you can’t help yourself to buy it. Put your money into your piggy bank or to your bank because putting it into a piggy bank or bank can help you save more because it is a safe place to keep your savings, example you put your savings on the bank you can earn interest from it even it’s not that much money it can still help you to save money.  Don’t throw the things you don’t need anymore because you can earn money from it, selling them is a way of earning money from it, donate them. Knowing how to save money is one way of helping ourselves and others.

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  1. Hi Venice,

    You have had some great ideas and you have explained them well. Next time we will work on structuring our ideas so that we have one idea per paragraph.