Tuesday, 10 April 2018

My Role Model

My Role Model

I Idolize my Mom. Mom’s are caring, they always think what’s
best for their children. For example, someone in the family is sick she is the
first person who’s gonna take care of you. I know some moms are very strict
but don’t forget they still care for you, like for example you hurt yourself and
your mom saw it and she’s gonna be mad at you then later on she’s gonna come
to you and treat your wound because some moms show their love for you in
different ways. Caring is not always when your sick or you hurt yourself,
Mom’s care about your feelings. That’s why you can’t hide your feeling from
them because she is your mom she knows what you feel.

Mom’s are strong, they always find ways on how to feed
you and your siblings. For example, you need money for school projects
your Mom is gonna find ways on how she’s gonna get money from especially
when your mom is a single parent. They are so strong that I am here at a very
big school with kind students writing this paragraph, why is my learning
connected to them being strong? because she and my dad is the reason on
why I am here. They are strong because they discipline you in the proper
way and that’s the reason on why your succesful right now!
 Because not all moms can discipline their children in the
proper way some of them kinda loses it.

Mom’s are selfless in short, mom’s will do everything for you even when their
life is needed.  Mom’s will give everything to you unless it’s a bad thing. That’s
why I idolize moms because they more often use the word “You” than the
word “ I”.

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  1. Hi Venice,

    Wow this is a beautiful piece of writing. You have included some wonderful vocabulary and you have clearly explained your ideas about your role model. You are really improving with your use of topic sentences, one main idea per paragraph and lots of detail to justify your ideas.