Monday, 30 April 2018

The Holidays!

The Holidays!

On Friday April 13th is the first day of no school. My day started with
a smile because I just have the best sleep ever! First I did my morning
rituals, listening to music is included, after that I helped my mom on
doing chores which is amm..ok let’s move on!. After helping my mom on
chores I get to play games and watch videos on my phone which is really awesome.
While I’m on my phone my mom reminded me about the clothes the I wore
yesterday in Fia Fia because I need to bring it and I also need to
get my stuff in there so I asked King if he could go with me to school to get
my stuff and return the costume that I wore. The funny thing happened is
we are now going to school then suddenly one shirt fell and we didn’t notice it so
when we go back to our house we saw the shirt so we have no choice but to go
back school and return it( i don’t know if that was even funny).

So it was April 15th which is the day before my birthday. But my parents decided to
celebrate it now because if we’re gonna celebrate tomorrow which is monday the
people are gonna be on work. Unfortunately, I was sick since last night so I wasn’t
actually that happy at the party because of that. But luckily my mom was always
reminding me to drink medicine so while the sun is going down I was kinda feeling
better, Thanks to mom!. Ok so it is now getting late and people are starting to go
home which is kinda sad, after the party King decided to have a countdown on my
birthday because it is now like 11:30 pm so it is almost 12 am.

It is now April 29th! I was really nervous because tomorrow is now the start of school.
So I said to myself that before I go to sleep I need to be inspired on going to school
so that I’m not amm..ok while I was on my bed I was thinking on what time
I will wake up because it is so hard to get up from bed, do you know the
feeling of getting up then you go to sleep again? I always do that. But
luckily this morning I didn’t because I don’t want to be late.

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