Tuesday, 15 May 2018



Have you ever suffered from hunger? People in Poverty are the ones who always
suffers, especially from hunger. They are the ones who are asking why? and how?
Because they are wondering how can they get food? Is there anything they can do to
treat their children’s illness?.

How many people are living in Poverty? Is it true that a lot of people are living in
poverty. There are about 682,500 people that are living in poverty, that’s how many
people who are suffering from hunger, bad housing and poor health incomes. Imagine
the children that are included to that 682,500 people or the 220,000 children, how can
they survive in that situation? Children are the ones who are in special risk of
hardship, or the dependent ones or the ones who are under 18 years old.

Why does the people in poverty always suffered from hunger?. Have you ever think
of when you’re talking about poverty, hunger is like the number one cause of it. Food
it’s like the thing you can’t live without, who doesn’t love food? Everytime we get
hungry there is no way that you can’t eat because you know that you have food in
your bag or in your purse, because you know you can afford one or maybe more.  In
5 families who are in poverty only 1 of them are the ones who gets to eat food
properly, according to them it’s because of the lack of money.  

Why is their money not enough? Money, it is the one your parents or maybe your
love ones earn when they go to work, obviously. The people  in poverty are the ones
who can’t afford stuff that they need, like food, house and more. It is found that two-
thirds  of the families are in debt and there are three- quarters are not being able to pay
at least one regular household bill in the past year.

People in poverty has many things that they’ve been through, which are hard. I mean
like everyday your gonna think about your food, health and more.

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