Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Unconditionally Love

“Unconditionally Love”

Everyday, every minute, every second
Jake always waits his mom to come
home. When Jake was 3 his mom needs
to go to U.K for her to work, while Jake
was growing up he started to ask about his mom.

Jake’s POV

I just woke up, then my Aunt Polly called
me. “Jake! Jake! There is a package for
you!” I was so excited when I heard
that so I ran down stairs “When did it arrive?”
I said. “ A while ago” she said, I opened
the box and saw the toy I always wanted
for the long time and some new clothes! Then
inside I also saw a card saying
“I’ll come home soon..”-Mom. I can’t
believe that my mother is coming home!
My mom is coming home!.

After a few weeks, it is now Jake’s birthday
“Where’s mom?”he asked “Hey! I’m here!”
after hearing that voice Jake turned and saw
his mom! He ran to her and hugged her so
tight “I miss you Mom, so much” he said.

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  1. What a lovely story for mother's Day! This story fits the theme very well and is very touching. I'm sure your mum would enjoy reading it too!