Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Immersion Assembly Writing Plan

Walt: use adjectives to improve our descriptive writing.
This morning we had an immersion assembly. The teachers we’re singing,the others were playing instruments. Have you ever been at an immersion assembly?

Our topic for this term is Musical Madness. The teachers of teams 1-5 performed a wonderful item about their plans on this term, I like the team 5’s topic because it’s Amazing and fantastic as well as the other teams. The other teams did really well too some of them sung some of them act and some of them created a movie.

Team 4’s topic is about creating our own music. The teachers are in the vehicle listening to so many different kinds of tunes,at the end it has Pt England Music ad which is like the Apple Music ad. The movie was Amazing and it’s educational because you can learn about music.

I hope I can learn how to strum a guitar. I like to learn how to play a guitar so I can sing while strumming it, I’d like to play more musical instruments aside from a guitar. I also want to learn how to sing more.

I think this term  would be really exciting. For me this term would be fun cause the teachers seems to be very excited about this term.

                                                                   Task Description:
For this task we need to write about what happened at the immersion asssembly. We also write about what do we think about the new term theme which musical madness.We use some words that is different but has the same meaning like funny and hilarious.

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