Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Stardome Trip!

Walt include a variety of sentence types in our writing

Last Thursday we have a trip to Star dome. It was hot and windy at the same time, In Star dome there different cool objects and it is all about space. Have you been at Stardome? What did you feel?

First I go to school with my mom because she’s one of the helpers. Then I saw my friends I hug them and I go inside with them. I was so excited to go at the trip since I’m going at the morning with my group. Them my mom and auntie met my friends we are so happy because we can’t wait to go at Stardome. Also my friend take a picture of us before we go, Then we left our bags and line up outside as the the teacher said. Are you excited before going to Stardome?

Now we are in the bus, I sat with my friend as we go we saw the teachers waving at us. While we are in the bus some of them are playing, having fun and singing quietly like me and my friend. The trip was not too long so we have ten minutes more to spend so the teachers allows us to play at the playground, It was so fun. Inside the Stardome we are allowed to explore the space gallery there are so many cool stuff in there. Then the lady a presentation about the moon and the planets while showing it she is explaining it to us. Then lady gave us an Ipad with questions we need to find the answers at the dome. It was crazy I didn’t know that I’m in lost and I’m in the other group. Then we go to the Planetarium to watch a movie which make me dizzy because we are like moving but we are not it’s just the images at the ceiling, And yes it is at the ceiling. But it was so fun after all.

It was so fun after all, But we need to leave after the movie. We lined up outside and go inside the bus, It was so tiring but fun. In the bus some of them are kinda sleepy because of tiredness some of them are quiet because of tiredness also I think. My mom and my friend just talk about FOOD it was funny. Then we just arrived at our school. We eat our morning tea while watching the rugby game which the players is from our school. Then we ate our lunch and played tennis

I learned that believe in yourself. Enjoy the days that you have. I learned that God’s creations are absolutely beautiful. So we need to take care of them.

Task Description: So for this task I need to write about what happened in Stardome. Actually, It was so fun there and crazy, I'm so happy because I'm with my mom that time.  So, I write about what happened in Stardome then I copy and aste it and put it in my blog.

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